Road Patrolling

In addition to the above setup of patrolling the sea, road patrolling along the seashore and on the roads in the jurisdiction is being carried out in following ways:

(i) By conducting regular Night Road Patrolling(NRP):-
NRP is conducted by Marine & Preventive Wing in the departmental vehicles all along its jurisdiction by respective divisions/Circles as well as headquarter staff, every night from 6.00 P.M to 6.00 A.M without fail. The patrolling team consists of one officer of the rank of Inspector of Customs (P), Customs (P), accompanied by one driver and one or two Hawaldar's/Sepoys. Adequate vehicles are provided to the field formations.

(ii) By conducting Special Night Road Patrolling:-
In view of the increased threat perception, patrolling in the docks area of Mumbai port is made doubly fool-proof and Special Night Road Patrolling, in addition to the Night Road Patrolling are being conducted since October 2001 by the officers of Rummaging and Intelligence and Marine and Preventive formations. Officers of the rank of one Superintendent, Customs (P), One Inspector (P) and one Hawaldar along with driver ensure proper patrolling in the docks area through out the night .