Customs of Mumbai Preventive

The custom house, Mumbai existed much before 1878 when the sea Custom Act 1878 was enacted. which was subsequently replaced by Custom Act, 1962.Initially the jurisdiction of custom house,Mumbai extended over the port and city limits of Mumbai as well as the area in the vicinity of airport. The anti-smuggling activities in this area were a part of functions of the Custom House including the latter of the sixties, there was a sudden spurt in the smuggling activities and to fight the ever increasing smuggling menace and to strengthen the Anti-smuggling machinery on the west coast,the Commissionerate of Customs(Preventive) by taking into its fold the "Rummaging and Intelligence" division of the Custom House and Marine and Preventive division of the Central Excise, Mumbai.

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  • The Joint Coastal Patrolling (JCP) also known as Joint Sea Patrolling (JSP) was started in 1993 in the backdrop of the Mumbai Serial Bomb Blasts as a temporary measure for the security of the coast line of Maharashtra...
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  • Maharashtra has a vast coastline, major industries, power plants and proximity to major oil fields. The coast is marked by creeks and hilly terrain. The state has been perpetual target of terrorists and anti-national elements...
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