• Maharashtra has a vast coastline, major industries, power plants and proximity to major oil fields. The coast is marked by creeks and hilly terrain. The state has been perpetual target of terrorists and anti-national elements. Present security scenario demands continious monitoring, control and surveillance to thwart any further attempt.
  • The Customs Officer on patrolling duty check the Fishing Trawlers with an aim to ensure that no contraband, arms, explosives or drugs are smuggled into the Country under the guise of fish in these trawlers. The Check is also to ensure that no anti social elements / persons without proper and valid documents can infiltrate the Country under the guise of fishermen.
  • The Board vide its letter F.No.:384/108/2005-CUS (AS) dated 4.9.06 has directed to ensure that Customs Marine Vessels are optimally used by conducting Sea Patrolling for 4 to 6 hours per vessel every day. The vessels have to be so deployed at different times of the day so that there is always an element of surprise.
  • The patrolling parties check the Customs Fishing Passes and other documents such as Registration Certificate, Passenger Ferrying Licence and Identity Cards of the Crew of the vessels
  • Sea Patrolling by Customs Patrol vessels is being carried out in the jurisdiction of the commissionerate i.e. 14 VD, Middle rock, sun rock, Gateway of India, colaba light house, etc. The patrolling team consists of one officer of the rank of Inspector of Customs (P), accompanied one or two Hawaldars / Sepoys during the day and night basis.